(C) ValerieRosenburg

How I became who I am

1966: Born as the fourth of six children into a sports and nature-loving family in Salzburg, Austria. School education in Salzburg.

1985 -1996: Vienna years and stays abroad
Translation studies at the University of Vienna in Spanish and Portuguese. Study visits of 1 year each in Venezuela and Mexico.
Marriage and birth of two sons.

1996 - 2007: German years
Freelance translator and interpreter during five years in Leipzig, then for another six years in Bonn. Thus, especially during my East German years, I witnessed the beginning of a new era in Germany - in a sense, contemporary German history.

2007: Return to Salzburg. A circle closes.

Translating and interpreting:

Translation and interpreting studies at the University of Vienna for Spanish and Portuguese, graduating in 1991 as Magistra in Translation Studies. Sworn translator and interpreter for Spanish and Portuguese in Germany since 1997.

Freelance translator and interpreter with assignments for courts and authorities, international companies, major sporting events, translation of texts in culture and history and certificates and documents.

Other language skills:
English, French, Italian, basic Russian.

(C) Wilfredo Rodriguez

Sport activities:

From childhood, I have loved being active. Since my first swimming course for children, I have taken part in swimming competitions. In winter, I threw myself down the slopes in ski races.

At university, I started fencing and discovered Modern Pentathlon (swimming, running, shooting, fencing and horse riding). This wide range of sports was just what I loved.

Fencing remained with me as a competitive sport. Until today, I travel worldwide for fencing tournaments and have even become a European and World Champion in my age category.
Article of the Salzburg Fencing Association

(C) Arno Strohmeyer


I "climbed" my first mountain on my parents' backs. They carried us children to every reachable peak in winter and summer. Later I carried my own children up the mountains. From the sand castle on the Greek beach to the summit of Mount Olympus (2918 m), from the Portuguese Atlantic coast to Mulhacén (3482 m) in the Spanish Sierra Nevada.

And then there are:
Morocco: Jbel Toubkal (4167 m), ski ascents to the highest peaks in the High Atlas-North Africa
Iran: Damawand (5671 m)
Argentina: Aconcagua (6961 m), the highest peak in both the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere
Bolivia: the volcano Parinacota (6342 m)
China: Muztaq Ata (7509 m), ski ascent up to camp II at 6200 m

Mountain Hiking Guide:
2019: becoming a mountain hiking guide, trained by the Salzburg Mountain Hiking Guide Association (Salzburger Bergwanderverband).
Member of the Salzburg Mountain Hiking Guide Association, tour guide with the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV).

Tourist guide:
First experiences as a tourist guide with Vienna Sightseeing Tours, guiding multilingual tours in and around Vienna and day trips to Salzburg, and as a bicycle guide with Spanish groups in Spain, France and Portugal.

2021 graduation as a certified tourist guide, "Austria guide", in Salzburg.

I offer guided tours in and around Salzburg in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.